Planning and execution of electrical systems, command and control

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Energy Saving Division

In the last decade, Y. Soffer Electrical Systems LTD has carried out many energy saving projects for the largest companies in the economy.

The Company is registered as an authorized energy service provider on behalf of the Ministry of National Infrastructures.

The work plan is in stages, when an energy survey is performed first.

After mapping and reviewing the site, the information is processed by the company's experts and they will design the best and most efficient energy saving plan based on understanding the customer's needs, expectations and setting realistic goals. With the two main goals being as much savings as possible and maximal return.

The plan will describe the means of savings that can be used, the expected savings, the cost of the project and the expected return on investment.

Through the use of advanced technology and accumulated knowledge, it is possible to monitor, control and significantly optimize energy consumption.

The means in which the Company operates:

  • Upgrading and replacing electrical and lighting equipment

  • Controllers and sensors

  • Timers

  • Optimization and exploitation of daylight illumination

  • Changing power lines for energy efficiency

  • Lighting consulting and planning

  • Solar energy


Among the company's customers who are still saving:

  • Ashot Ashkelon

  • Bezeq

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Southern Sharon Regional Council

  • Sarel

  • Rosh Ha'ayin’s City hall

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